Aegis Media Launches “ Data Generation: Powering Wireless Success” Event Leading Comprehensive Solutions for Mobile Media through Collaboration with Media Partners

27 Feb 2014

Aegis Media held the “Data Generation: Powering Wireless Success” Conference on Feb 27,2014 and published the unprecedented data obtained from its long-term in-depth research. It is the largest wireless sample pool in China so far and is designed to interpret consumer insights at the mobile end in a highly comprehensive manner. As the first media agency to build on mobile media insight and extend media planning to the full media service in China, Aegis Media is able to provide clients with better media plans at the early stages and better placement assessment at the later stage. Around 300 representatives from advertisers, media, monitoring agencies and research firms attended the conference and conducted on-site panel discussions on “Multi-Screen Integrated Marketing”. 

“Data Generation: Powering Wireless Success” was initiated by Aegis Media and completed with the cooperation of seven media partners namely Youku Tudou, iQIYI PPS, PPTV,,, and, as well as two cooperative research institutions, Sinomonitor International and AdMaster. The mobile industry faces two key problems: first, there is a general lack of user data for continuous behaviour across screens, and second, the parties in the industry only use their own user data for research.  As the leading professional media agency in the world, Aegis Media cooperated with the partners in all areas of the domestic mobile industry, from video media and research firms to data monitoring agencies, for the first time in compliance with industry standards, and pooled the resources of all parties to establish this comprehensive continuous database.  It is also the first continuous study ever undertaken on the multi-screen media touch and consumer habits of Chinese users in the industry. 

 The mobile data results primarily consist of mobile continuous qualified database and quantified database, which will be applied to the maximum extent in the media strategy planning tool “CCS Planner” funded and developed by Aegis Media. The “CCS Planner” is a strategic planning philosophy developed by Aegis Media for China’s wireless mobile market based on its exclusive and extensive consumer database and optimization model “Consumer Connection Study”. It is the first budget allocation tool at home using a single data source sample pool for inter-screen planning and optimization in order to obtain a multi-screen composite reach, investment amount and engagement indicators. At the stage of initial media planning, a qualified database can be used to radically decompose behavioural habits, life attitudes and the ad acceptance rates of all kinds of users, thus optimizing the combination of various kinds of multi-screen media and increasing the probability of effective media reach. According to the latest data from the CCS Planner, for subjects aged 20-34 in Shanghai, the reasonable application of qualified database can increase the composite reach of multi-screen media to 70%, higher than the reach of any single screen of any television, Internet video and mobile phone. At the later stage of placement assessment, a quantified database can be used to precisely monitor and verify media execution effects, and identify real TA groups (target audience) in overall exposure of wireless advertisement. Thus the wireless media reach can be also presented in the post-buy report, which was impossible to do previously. It will offer indispensable insight for the next media planning strategy and facilitate the ever constant diversification of cross-screen execution combination planning to a greater degree.    

Meg Chen, Executive Vice President, Digital Investment Management, Aegis Media China, emphasized at the conference that: “In view of the new trend of the mobile application of Internet media, and the fact that the mobile advertising budget accounts for less than 5% of the total Internet budget, I believe all major advertisers, media and other parties in the industry are expecting a scientific solution to reasonable allocation of wireless advertising resources. The wireless database released by Aegis Media together with several well-known partners is the first mobile quantified database published in the industry with a certain width and depth. It will radically streamline planning in the early stage and monitoring in the later stage of media placement, and thereby offer clients the most authentic mobile marketing effect data.” 

 The newly - released mobile continuous data covers cities of all tiers across the country. Through rigorous sample recruitment, allocation and multiple screening, the quantity of effective samples obtained was 268,303, 75% of which had a user identification number, improving the reliability and effectiveness of the database as a whole.  On this basis,  Aegis Media will continue to enlarge the sample pool in cooperation with leading partners in the industry, increase the measurable quantity and add population feature reports for individual cities,with a view to establishing a sample database at the mobile end which is as scientific and as sound as the existing mature television and PC monitoring systems.

 Dentsu Aegis Network China Chaiworman KF Lee said, “As the leading media group in the industry, Aegis Media has led the market by virtue of its proven capability in digital marketing. We still constantly increase investment in wireless and cross-screen fields in terms of both scale and intensity, and we are committed to utilizing our own high-quality resources to promote the development of wireless industry at home. I believe the wireless database shared at this conference will without doubt broaden the outlook of the entire industry and all parties for wireless advertising and help build a more scientific and standard industry on the whole.”  

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