Being Grateful for the Past 20 Years and Creating More Glory in the Future

23 May 2014

Twenty years have passed in a glimpse and it was glorious twenty years. Since its establishment in 1994, Beijing Dentsu has developed to an aircraft carrier level enterprise in advertisement with over 1000 employees from a small one with only less than 20 employees at the beginning. The 20-year-old Beijing Dentsu has witnessed the rapid development of the advertisement industry in China with its extraordinary achievement. On the evening of May 23, 2014, Beijing Dentsu’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony was held grandly. Over 500 people including officials from the industrial associations got together to celebrate the day. Included were Li Dongsheng, Chairman of China Advertising Association, Zhou Keren, Chairman of China Advertising Association of Commerce and Hou Yunchun, Chairman of China Association of National Advertisers and Matsushima Kunihiro, Dentsu Headquarter Executive Officer, Li Guifen, CEO of DAN Greater China, Motohiro Yamagishi, CEO of Dentsu China and North Asia, Pan Zhen, President of Beijing Dentsu, Nagasaki Yukiyasu, General Manager of Beijing Dentsu as well as representatives of former management, representatives from the branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, brother companies and the media. 

The gala started with a sand painting show named We Grow Together. President Pan Zhen and Nagasaki Yukiyasu, General Manager of Beijing Dentsu said in their speech, “Looking back on 20 years, we have always been grateful for the hard work of predecessors at the beginning of the establishment and have shouldered the mission of creating the future for Beijing Dentsu.” “Beijing Dentsu’s development relies on the support and favor of clients, the employees’ diligent contribution and the society’s harmonious development” The latter awarding session had two parts. First, the teams that won the Innovative Award 2014 received award certificates to honor their outstanding contribution for the company’s value enhancement. Next, General Manager Nagasaki Yukiyasu presented glorious certificates to employees that had worked with Beijing Dentsu for 20 years to show thanks for their hard work during the past 20 years. The awarding session made everyone feel proud. The gala lasted for two and a half hours and the every show was excellent. At last, the gala successfully concluded with a choir called “Tomorrow will Be Better,” performed by Deputy General Manager Li Xisha and employees with over 10 years’ experience at Dentsu.

 It takes decade to sharpen a sword. Moreover, it took Beijing Dentsu two decades (1994-2014) to take up a key position in the competition with its keen market insight, considerate care for employees, innovative service quality and a generous mind of responsibility. General Manager Nagasaki Yukiyasu said, “During the past twenty years, Beijing Dentsu has grown with employees, clients and the advertisement industry together. In the next two decades, Beijing Dentsu will continue to reach for a higher peak and be a trustworthy cooperative partner of clients. It is not a dream, but a goal we will realize. In the future, we will celebrate more 20th anniversaries. Beijing Dentsu’s future will be better.”