Dentsu Aegis Network China Hold One Day for Change Program

05 Jun 2015

Dentsu Aegis Network has named Friday 5 June One Day for Change where all staff in each country across the region is encouraged to go out and volunteer on the same day for all for the second year running. All agencies within Dentsu Aegis Network across the region will take the day to support local or national causes.Last year over 7,000 staffs in Asia Pacific Region volunteered on One Day for Change giving over 29,000 hours of their time to their local communities. In 2014, over 2,200 staffs across Dentsu Aegis Network China contributed 4,400+ hours during the One Day for Change program. 

This year, staffs at Dentsu Aegis Network China  will be dedicated to addressing three social topics which are environmental protection, education and community care during the one month period from 5 June to 4 July, with all 17 network brands mobilizing their resources for a full participation. 

Motohiro Yamagish, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network China,  Phil Teeman, Group Managing Director of Dentsu Aegis Network China and Nobuaki Kyushima, COO of Dentsu Aegis Network China particpate together with the HQ staffs in the beach clean-up program in Shanghai  on 5 June, a program initiated by the group HQ to clean up the trash on Nanhui East Shoal Beach to contribute towards a cleaner marine environment. 

Motohiro Yamagishi, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network China said: “Dentsu Aegis Network China is always fully committed to corporate social responsibilities. One Day for Change is a unified approach for our group to contribute something back to the societies within which we all earn a living. And I’m very glad to see it successfully launched in Chinain an on-going manner which is a strong demonstration of our determination to make our community better. I also look forward to seeing this initiative can make big changes in the long run.”

Community care involves the most brands for action. 10 brands under the group such as Amplifi, Beijing Dentsu, Carat, Clarity, Dentsu Rihai, Dentsu_TOP, trioisobar, Verawom, Vizeum and &c.  all initiate a range of diversified activities to devote their careness towards those who are underprivileged. Brand such as Vizeum organizes its volunteers from Beijing and Shanghai offices on 5 June to teach the elderly in residential homes how to use smart devices to help them equip the skills surviving an easy techonology life. 

As one of the 3 major topics, environmental protection draws attention from 5 network brands of CatchStone, Carat, iProspect, OMP and Posterscope. Brand such as Postercope applies its business strength on online and offline to its One Day for Change activity.  It creates a cell phone recycle program by calling for people’s online registration to share out their unused cell phones and follows an offline collection upon the online registration statistics. All the collected cell phones will be handed to NPI, a recognized NGO in China, for further recycle purposes. 

Education is also on the One Day for Change agenda which engages brands like Beijing Dentsu, Dentsu Rihai, Dentsu_TOP, isobar and &c.  A group formed by Beijing Dentsu, Dentsu Rihai, Dentsu_TOP and &c. pays a visit to Sun Orphanage in Beijing on 5 June to teach the children painting and planting, acting as their temporary tutors and parents. 

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