Dentsu Aegis Network Presented at ROI Festival 2015 with Intelligent Robots’ Debut in Shanghai

22 Oct 2015

Dentsu Aegis Network presented at ROI Festival 2015 with its pioneering technologies and innovative initiatives. Themed “Future and Innovations”, the panel invited special guest speakers including Yorichika Nishijima, Representative from Dentsu Robotics Business Operations,  Tomotaka Takahashi , Robot Creator and CEO of ROBO GARAGE, and Chen Bolin, Actor and Chief Advisor of Entertainment Marketing for Dentsu Aegis Network Greater China, to speak together with Motohiro Yamagishi, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network China, Meg Chen, Executive Vice President, Digital Development, Dentsu Aegis Network China, and Head of Global Media Partnerships, Amplifi China, and Stella Jamie Lui, General Manager of Digital (Strategy + Innovations), Carat China.

It is the first time that Dentsu’s Robtics initiative was introduced in the China Market. The initiative include two humanoid communication robots named Kirobo and Mirata with voice, facial and human emotions recognition and as the main features. In 2013, Kirobo was sent to the International Space Station and set a record for the first companion robot in space. As a result, the first experiment on space talk was successfully completed between humans and robot. Yorichika Nishijima, Representative from Dentsu Robotics Business Operations, introduced Dentsu’s efforts on this project. He said: “We used to see robots and humans live together only on the big screens. However, we have turned that  into reality today. We hope this research program can provide more support for our future work, life and communications.”

Mr. Nishijima also invited Tomotaka Takahashi , Robot Creator and CEO of ROBO GARAGE to join the panel. Professor Takahashi brought the real robot Robi which generated great attention and interest from the audience. Being one of Japan's leading robot scientists, Professor Takahashi introduced his robot inventions and shared ideas about robots’ research and development trends. According to him, “Robots can grow into the next-generation of intelligent communication devices. Now we are only having a one-way communication with our devices, while in fact, a more interactive communication model is really possible. Like interpersonal relations, your relationship with your robot would also be strengthened over time by the memories that you share together. In 10 years, most people will be carrying around a small robot instead of a smartphone.”

Besides the Artificial Intelligence initiative, Dentsu Aegis Network also showcased at the panel two other innovative products - ICPAPER and Emotion Analyzer.  As the world’s first digitized paper advertising medium powered by printed electric circuits, flat thin sensors and power source, ICPAPER enables a designed communication experience with lighting and sound. During the panel, Stella Jamie Lui, General Manager of Digital (Strategy + Innovations), Carat China, invited Chen Bolin to jointly unveil the most-awaited emotional drama Distance with ICPAPER, which triggered huge screams from fans. Stella said: “Media environment has become more fragmented. We can make our ads more interesting and impressive by adding on some innovative technologies.”

Stella also demonstrated another innovative technology Emotion Analyzer, which can detect, analyze and visualize the users’ emotional reactions through the users’ brainwaves. According to Stella, “We know when people are asked about something, they can pretend and hide real feelings. So there’s a surging demand on subconscious emotion analysis.” In Japan, Dentsu has already been working with corporate R&D centers and product development departments to evaluate consumers’ emotion and experience about products and services. It can also be used in focus group interviews.

As a special guest to experience all the inventions presented at the panel, Chen Bolin expressed his feelings to the audience. He said: “Technology gives free rein to more possibilities in communications. It narrows the communications gap and brings us more engaging and lasting experiences.” Bolin is also the Chief Advisor of Entertainment Marketing for Dentsu Aegis Network Greater China. He showed strong interest in new media and new technologies applied in brand communications.

Commenting on the Panel, Motohiro Yamagishi, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network China, said: “Dentsu Aegis Network is an agency group built on innovation, which is also the major theme of our panel. We are happy to invite our guest speakers to share and explore these exciting changes in our lives driven by technology innovation.  And we hope to work together with more partners in the future to better develop new technologies to help with brand communications. ‘Innovating the way brands are built’, it’s not only a strapline, it’s the way we work.”

The panel was well received by the audiences, ranking the second most popular session among the altogether 47 panels throughout the four-day event.

Apart from the panel, Dentsu Aegis Network China has been named Best Communications Group of the Year at the 2015 ROI Festivals, scooping 2 Grand Prix, 8 Gold, 13 Silver and 12 Bronze. This is a full demonstrate of the Group and its brand agencies' best-in-class expertise and capabilities to deliver innovative solutions for its clients in media, digital and creative communications services. "Share a Coke" from Isobar and 7-eleven's "7 Lessons about Single Life " from Dentsu-Kuohua was awarded Grand Prix. Isobar was also named Best Digital Creative Agency of the Year.

ROI Festival is one of the most influential events in China’s marketing communications sector. The award centers on Return on Investment (ROI), recognizing creative works that deliver solid results with business impact. Every year the ROI Festival attracts CEOs from leading 4As, new media giants, industry opinion leaders and well known celebrities to exchange ideas on how to ahieve creative effectiveness.