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&c. Inc. was funded and established by Tokyo Dentsu in 2008, its predecessor was DiGiCation from Beijing Dentsu. &c. Inc. changed its Chinese name in 2016, and currently has 350 staff, providing services for over 50 well-known international and local brands.

Our vision is 'to become the No.1 digital marketing agency who can provide one-stop technology driven solution in China market.', and we adapt our very own big idea in the internet marketing field, providing our clients with extraordinary services that are outstanding not only in 'marketing' but also 'sales'.

Our services include interactive marketing strategy, creative and design, media planning and buying, SEM, video marketing, ePR and social media, mobile and e-Commerce. We also keep an open minded and adventurous spirit which takes up in continuous creativity and innovation.

With rapid development of the internet in China, &c. Inc. has kept up with the pace. We have developed several proprietary digital marketing and data analysis tools which receive high client satisfactions. iATD, our digital marketing platform, provides clients with full coverage in digital marketing solutions.

We have also constantly pushed forward our strategic collaboration with major digital media owners such as Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. In 2014, we cooperated with Alimama in developing an O2O marketing tool - Golden Eye, which provides real-time marketing solutions for clients.As a 5-star agency rated by Baidu, we established our strategic alliance with Baidu and developed Lingxi Plus in 2015, which dedicated in effecting consumers' purchase decisions based on big data.With fast development of e-Commerce, we developed iPlus in early 2016. It could provide characterized big data marketing solutions for all brands.

&c. is pronounced 'et cetera (etc.)', which originated from Latin meaning 'others' or 'and so on'. It expresses &c. Inc.'s goal of not being tied down by traditional values, and its constant exploration of innovation and creativity in providing service and solutions for clients.

Olympic campaign of Amway Nutrilite

Olympic campaign of Amway Nutrilite

In the battlefield of Olympic campaign, &c. and Amway Nutrilite created a theme 用心萃炼,只为你赢 hand in hand to renew winning that a better version of oneself can be won by heart.


1, Strong platform cooperation to back up Amway Nutrilite.

2, With the help of big data, new social marketing form was created.

3, Scene marketing to cover all tracks of potential customers.

95% sales men of Amway with 40 million customers or potential customers was reached effectively.

The whole campaign reached 10 billion impression and nearly 20 million people participated.

Brand impact is enhanced by content and deep communication.

Brand reputation is enhanced with the help of sports stars and KOLs. 


&c. chose the hottest live broadcasting to communicate this LYNK & CO launch event mixing overseas site with domestic site. Six domestic large portal media and vertical media with two live platforms which are and rebroadcasted this event. Audiences could interact with each other over bullet screen. During warm-up period, an H5 page with theme 异想车开 to draw attentions and attract potential customers.
Meanwhile on social platform, KOLs created a buzz for LYNK & CO launch event and brought a huge hash tag discussion in order to communicate WOM on social media.
On 20th, October, the event reached over 135 million times, with 5 million times video display. H5 page reached 6 thousand unique visitors. 230 thousand times reading times on social media.

With this new form of media communication, the brand idea of LYNK & CO which is personality, open and interconnection is carried out perfectly. 
CELESTA of Beijing Hyundai

CELESTA of Beijing Hyundai

To enlarge product awareness and sales during  launch period.
1,  We set up several iPlus data collection devices in Beijing Hyundai 4S shop to collect customer data. In two weeks, we've collected over five thousand customer data.
2,  Using iPlus to find customer insight with collected data. iPlus is docking with three big data platforms which are Ali-umeng, Baidu and Unionpay Smart. It can match with customers online and offline data to draw a fully accurate customer portrayal.
3,  Docking iPlus with ads delivery system to recognize target audience accurately so that customer can be highly communicated in every life scenario. When shopping or on transportation, customer will be touched by smart interactive digital screen. Different ads can be displayed according to time period, weather, customer identity and environment. Also, consuming behavior can be triggered by alipay AR wallet.
4,  iPlus can conduct DSP display to deliver new car information to customers when they are surfing online.
5,iPlus can also achieve LBS delivery to customers when they are offline by creating a geographic fence around Beijing Hyundai and its competitors' 4S shops. New car information will be delivered through mobile phone to achieve TA interception and leading them to stores.
Ads impression exceeded 12 million times, 10 thousand times AR wallet interaction.

The number of customers who want to know more about CELESTA increased by 15%.
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