&c. Inc. was funded and established by Tokyo Dentsu in 2008, its predecessor was DiGiCation from Beijing Dentsu. &c. Inc. changed its Chinese name in 2016, and currently has 350 staff, providing services for over 50 well-known international and local brands.

Our vision is 'to become the No.1 digital marketing agency who can provide one-stop technology driven solution in China market.', and we adapt our very own big idea in the internet marketing field, providing our clients with extraordinary services that are outstanding not only in 'marketing' but also 'sales'.

Our services include interactive marketing strategy, creative and design, media planning and buying, SEM, video marketing, ePR and social media, mobile and e-Commerce. We also keep an open minded and adventurous spirit which takes up in continuous creativity and innovation.

With rapid development of the internet in China, &c. Inc. has kept up with the pace. We have developed several proprietary digital marketing and data analysis tools which receive high client satisfactions. iATD, our digital marketing platform, provides clients with full coverage in digital marketing solutions.

We have also constantly pushed forward our strategic collaboration with major digital media owners such as Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. In 2014, we cooperated with Alimama in developing an O2O marketing tool - Golden Eye, which provides real-time marketing solutions for clients.As a 5-star agency rated by Baidu, we established our strategic alliance with Baidu and developed Lingxi Plus in 2015, which dedicated in effecting consumers' purchase decisions based on big data.With fast development of e-Commerce, we developed iPlus in early 2016. It could provide characterized big data marketing solutions for all brands.

&c. is pronounced 'et cetera (etc.)', which originated from Latin meaning 'others' or 'and so on'. It expresses &c. Inc.'s goal of not being tied down by traditional values, and its constant exploration of innovation and creativity in providing service and solutions for clients.

Lenovo Lemo

Lenovo Lemo

brand – Lemo, has been facing its own chances and problems as well. How to gain attention and awareness in this extremely competitive market, and adapt to new consumer purchase habits have become the biggest challenges that Lenovo Lemo and us are facing together.

Through deep analysis of the market and target audiences, we’ve developed a new kind of method for digital marketing which brings marketing and sales together. We preheated the event via social media, using big data analysis for communications, and integrated our e-commerce resources to make the link to purchase easier and whole. We helped Lenovo to build its very own and first internet cell phone brand. Also, we’ve successfully impressed Lemo’s moto ‘Lenovo Lemo, it really is better’ into the consumers’ hearts and minds.

Since the successful launch into the market, Lenovo Lemo K3 has been voted ‘most popular product’ on, sales volume exceeding 2 million pieces, and consumer satisfaction rate reaches 95%.

Unipresident Iced Black Tea

Unipresident Iced Black Tea

In the many years that Unipresident Iced Black Tea has been sold in the Chinese market, 2014 was one of the most difficult years for sales due to extreme competition from the market and aging of the brand image.

We decided together that Unipresident Iced Black Tea is in desperate need for a marketing event that will regain the attention of targeted young consumers between the ages of 13-22. So during the dates 20th Apr. to 2nd May, 2015 we built an interactive outdoors machine in the Shanghai Jingansi subway station where passengers who walk pass the machine will be captured on the screen which instantly turning you into a two dimensional character just like in a cartoon! The machine uses real-time augmented reality technology. Participants can also dance with our new brand image celebrity – Mr. Wu Yifan.

The event was a great success, attracting over 6 million people to the site, more than 34 million interactivities on Weibo, and H5 game reached almost 350,000 participants as well.



2015 is a challenging year for Toyota in the Chinese market, with competitors taking up over 50% of the current market, Toyota needs to adapt to the internet age and accept consumers’ purchasing habits.

We, together with Toyota, designed a campaign based on e-commerce platforms and creating a shopping buzz for ‘the car purchase season’.

This was quite a successful event, contributing in nearly 18,000 sales volumes, additionally; we also perfected Toyota’s e-commerce platform and link which adapts to the purchase habit of consumers nowadays.



Skyworth produced a characterized TV designed especially for the elderly, and launched the product around Spring Festival in 2015. Targeting consumers who are willing to purchase or has elderly people in their families and lives, however, facing huge challenges and difficulties that the TV market brings in the Spring Festival period, Skyworth decided to pull on the heart strings and play the emotion card in order to communication with consumers.

We produced a micro-film for the product, uploading and transmitting it on mainstream video sites such as; also, we use social media for word-of-mouth communication, celebrity Mr. Li Liqun, who is popular amongst elderly groups spoke up for the elderly TV; on the sales end, we took advantage of our resources in gateway websites, vertical media, search engines to guide traffic to the e-commerce platform

This campaign went on for a little over one month, gaining 43 million exposure for the ad, micro-film played over 5 million times on video sites. E-commerce platform sold nearly 16,000 pieces of elderly TV.

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