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Merkle helps the best brands in the world create competitive advantage through people-based marketing.

Our legacy in data, analytics, and technology, and strength in performance media, strategy, and creativity are at the heart of our fully integrated solutions.

We create people-based marketing across all media and channels, which leads to improved customer engagement, loyalty, retention and shareholder value.

We believe the future of marketing is personal – informed by data, powered by technology, driving customer experience through creativity.

DELL GMDB Improves Marketing Performance

DELL GMDB Improves Marketing Performance

DELL expected to expand new business by acquiring new consumers but lacked knowledge of customers due to siloed data and insufficient analytical insights.

Merkle integrated and enhanced 1st party and 3rd party data to create 360-degree customer profiles and marketing rules that are customized to DELL’s business needs, and supported digital analytics. We leveraged our industry experience to design personalized, continuously optimized CRM solutions that are based on the specific customer profile.

NBA Cross Channel Loyalty Program

NBA Cross Channel Loyalty Program

NBA China did not have any membership system in place to acquire and manage customer/fans. Its customer data was held on multiple 3rd party vendors, and NBA did not have any customer data for marketing insights.

Merkle collected, hygiene and integrated customer data from multi data sources, defined membership strategy and set up loyalty system, created fan segmentation based on fan behavior and membership status.

Now the Loyalty system has been launched for close loop test. More than 400K fans have registered to loyalty program, 64%+ of members are active members. Member engagement data has been collected for future segmentation and customized communication.

CRM Solution Boosts Local Performance

CRM Solution Boosts Local Performance

The client’s brand was new to China market with low awareness and credibility, establishment of market entry model was incomplete, and no customer database or loyalty program implemented.

Merkle built a centralized, extendable, connected marketing database to support BI, analytics, and campaign solution; launched membership programs across platforms, implementing points system, tier system, and membership events; integrated current campaigns to build traffic funnel model; and implemented e-commerce operation monitor, using net-spider to get raw data for 4P (price, platform, product, promotion) analysis.

Results: Multi-channel data volume in database up to 200k, enabling them to create and manage a 360-degree view of consumer. Analytics power up decision making as data sources and volume grow. Merkle helps client improve the user experience, adding great sales of the products. Each month, there are around 68,500 orders and RMB 24 million sales volume. In 6 months, customer retention rate reached 15% from 8%.

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