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Posterscope is the only Out-of-Home (OOH) agency under Dentsu Aegis Network and the Multi-occasion Marketing Specialist deeply rooted in outdoor occasions. In January 2002, Posterscope was established to provide professional services for OOH markets in China. In the past 16 years, our business has covered more than 300 cities, now with 150 people at 15 offices in China. PSC China is committed to offer integrated solutions based on clients’ demands and marketing effect most driven. We create great business value for clients by fully utilizing consumer data, plans, creatives, technology and media resource via the guideline of 7 strategies.

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adidas: The Online-to-Offline Sculpture Show

adidas: The Online-to-Offline Sculpture Show


In September 2016, Posterscope cooperate with adidas to launch 12 2-metre height white-person-shaped sculptures at Huaihai Road, which is the key sports zone in Shanghai. The “focus-on gesture” display present the dedicated attitude of Z.N.E Hoodie, reaching more than 1,000,000 daily impression.  


The strong visual impact has led to hot second time communication on social platforms. In friend circle of WeChat, consumers upload photos of this campaign and create buzz on different social platforms, which create more than 100,000 interaction. Meanwhile, audience can scan the QR-code on the back of sculptures, viewing dedicated stories and directly buying goods on the official website.


And adidas: The Online-to-Offline Sculpture Show has won more than ten awards, including “2016 China Advertising Annual Awards-Annual Digital Influence Advertisement” and“2016 Campaign DMA” under the category of “Media Award: Display, Banner and Other Rich Media”.

Nippon: The Changing Wall Movement

Nippon: The Changing Wall Movement


In July 2016, Posterscope team up with Nippon to release “The Changing Wall Movement” at Zhenping Road Station (line 3, 4, 7). Eighteen continuous light box present a feeling of gallery. Meanwhile, these light boxes are equipped with infrared technology. When people close to the light box, the picture will change color.  


Additionally, Posterscope construct 8 square meters experience zone. Thus, audience can witness the process of drawing, symbolizing the beauty and love of family. It is worth mentioning Hannah Davies, a Irish Artist, create this picture for Nippon in 2013. Finally, this campaign reach about 250,000 daily impression and in the total of 7,000, 000 impression within 28 days.


And this case is awarded “2016 Campaign DMA -Gold”, “2016 International Awarding Awards-Sliver” and “2016 Tiger Roar Award-Bronze” and so on.  

Carrot Fantasy 3-Abo Flying

Carrot Fantasy 3-Abo Flying


In June 2016, Posterscope plan for Abo to defend carrot.


Cute pet “Abo” are the hottest tipping point in this case. Abo, the carrot-figured game character, plays an essential role in this campaign, cooperating with Hainan Airlines. Consumer can interact with Abo on the flight. Abo goes aboard after passing through lots of adventures that delivers his fantastic personality. Meanwhile, advertising games, game characters and brands by establishing live competition of game players.

In middle and later period, playing videos themed game content at metro and bus stations of Chinese core cities. These videos present wonderful journey of Abo from the ground to the sky.


This case has won “The Golden Rank-Gold”, “China Advertising Great-wall Awards -Bronze” and so on. 

TCL “qu (趣)” Inspiring Life

TCL “qu (趣)” Inspiring Life


In light of “The 80s”and “The 90s” TA, Posterscope launch a series of campaigns for TCL by releasing light box at metro and bus shelter in Beijing and Guangzhou.


It was inspired by The Secret Garden, which is quite popular around the world, to establish occasions by consulting those from books to interact with passengers. Meanwhile, this creative combines online campaigns with offline occasions, and customers can scan QR code to log into TCL e-shops and go shopping. Besides, they can extract lucky number to get TCL products by sharing this campaign on social websites.


The case was rewarded by“The Golden Rank— Silver” and so on. 

The 35°C project of Sprite and McDonald’s

The 35°C project of Sprite and McDonald’s


According to the topic: 100 solutions to release summer, Sprite launch campaign to help consumers feel cool in summer.


In summer, consumers will pay more attention to weather. Considering this, the campaign cooperate with Moji weather app. When the app indicates 35°C, consumers can get Sprite freely at McDonald’s shop by scanning QR code.


At CBD of core cities, Sprite capture consumers by customized billboards and temperature-control technology, which will help the campaign become more interest and create hot topic on social platforms.


Apart from this, scanning QR code will reach more mobile-users. Meanwhile, launching viral video on social platform creates the second time communication.   


This campaign delivers 750 thousand cup of Sprite, the sales has increased by 8%. Morever, this campaign won “2015 China Advertising Annual Awards-Grand Prix” and “2015 China Advertising Annual Awards-Gold” under the category of “Content Marketing - OOH O2O”.

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