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Mcgarrybowen has always been a master in storytelling, telling the story of brands, products and consumers. In this digital age, good story telling is no longer passive; consumers must be engaged as part of the story, allowing every individual to customize, play and share their own unique experiences.


We are a full service integrated agency wired for the digital age.

We aim to bring in the extraordinary of both traditional and digital agencies to create a unique proposition.

We bring the high-level strategic thinking of a traditional agency combined with the digital expertise of a digital agency.

Mcgarrybowen china, with its challenger mindset, satisfies the modern marketers’ needs in an agency partner.

Acura relaunched campaign

Acura relaunched campaign

We found a perfect spokesperson, Aryton Senna. He was one of the designers of the original NSX. His belief matched with our new brand position. We even used his own words, ‘You just gotta be yourself’ as our tagline. He was featured in our brand video, print, outdoor and on digital.

But this wasn’t enough, we wanted to give our consumers, the press and key opinion leaders a once in a lifetime chance, the chance to be in the same room as Aryton Senna. So on December 29, 2016, we held a special launch event, using the latest in hologram and 3D projection mapping technology, we brought Artyon Senna on stage to introduce the all new NSX.

Acura gained the highest awareness level in China in the last 12 years.

Over 4.25 million viewers watched the event live across number of different social media sites.

The press couldn’t stop writing about it. In the end, we over 14 million RMB worth of earned media.

Manulife MOVE Plan

Manulife MOVE Plan

China’s insurance category is dominated by local brand.

In 2016, Manulife, a leading insurance brand from Canada, launched a breakthrough insurance concept called “MOVE plan”, smartly integrating the trend of wearable devices with its life insurance, encouraging people to form a healthy lifestyle. But unfortunately, local brand has taking a leading step to claim the cooperating with wearable devices. So the challenge is how to seize back the leading position on the innovation?

We found that our competitors only use wearable devices as a gift, while to ManulifeMOVE, wearable device is part of the product concept. So in brand communication, competitors all focus on “how to get the wearable devices”. The opportunity for us is to focus on “why you need this wearable devices”, so as to connect with our consumers deeply.

We came up with the creative idea “MOVE more, REWARD more”. Firstly, based on the TA insight that “I want to stay healthy, but I found it hard to keep workout”, we define our “MOVE” as more daily life and fun compared with “workout”, such as walking, doing housework and waking the dog. Then we emphasis the “REWARD” consumers can get from “MOVE”, which covers not only the value of healthy lifestyle, but also the tangible value of insurance fee consumers can earn by the volume they “MOVE”, to call for their action to join MOVE plan.

Through this campaign, many consumers are attracted by innovative concept of MOVE plan. And the brand awareness and consideration of Manulife has almost doubled.

Intel 2017 FTB Campaign

Intel 2017 FTB Campaign

Intel launched its First Time Buyer campaign worldwide from 2016, with the objective to encourage First Time Buyers to purchase PCs for their kids’ education or for their small businesses.

Following up the success of 2016 campaign, Intel launched another round this year, targeting at the same group in the tier 5 or 6 cities in China: those 25-40 year-old who have children in primary and middle school. In the video, we leverage their passion point that education of child(ren) is a critical and prioritized investment, but their lacking of knowledge to help their children with the study, to push the urgency for buying a PC, by highlighting the specific advantages PC over smart phone.  

Friso 3 Character Classic Summary

Friso 3 Character Classic Summary

In China, almost 10% of new mothers suffer from postpartum depression, even worse they may hurt themselves and babies. We found that father’s words and deeds have great influence on mother but they often don't know how to help mothers during postpartum period. Inspired by the concept of ‘3 character classic’, we concentrated the suggestions from experienced families and experts and created a new version ‘3 Character Classic of Love’. Through a 360-degree campaign to guide fathers use simple 3 words to support moms against postpartum depression.

Friso Heritage Campaign

Friso Heritage Campaign

There’s severe trust issue in China about milk source and quality control in IMF category. Most brands emphasis on their imported milk source for communication.  Meanwhile with ecommerce service, consumers can directly buy IMF products from original county.  How to stand out with a convince story is the challenge.

A human truth, we will guard and pass on the precious good thing to our family.  Through a letter from Father who’s a Friesland Campina Dairy Farmer, loved his work very much, and proudly wanted to pass on to his beloved son, we know how much care were there for Friso’s quality of the milk. 

In a very competitive communication environment, we touched our TA with authentic father and son story.

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